April 1, 2010

Do Cubs Get Too Old?

Posted by Lizzie

It appears that may be the case with Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins. Since their split, Susan has become a party girl, appearing at a fashion show in a plunging neckline, out on the town until the wee hours, or hanging out at SPIN, a ping-pong hangout. You don’t see much about Tim doing the party circuit. Could this Cub who is now in his fifties have become too sedate for fun-loving Susan?

To prove there’s life after Tim, she spends a lot of time with “just friend” entrepreneur Jonathan Bricklin who is 31 years her junior. She also seems to have picked up one of his hobbies, ping-pong. When PEOPLE asked Jonathan if he’s coaching her on the game, he said, "She's not that good yet," he responded, "She's actually pretty good for a girl."

Both deny there’s anything between them beyond friendship, but if given a chance, Jonathan appears to be interested in more. After all, a lot of the tabloids think she looks pretty darn good for 63, and so apparently does Jon.

A recent article quoted Susan, "I hate to sound like the old hippie that I am, but I think that even the bad stuff can turn into good stuff," she says. "Every day is a miracle, right?"

Could she be referring to the split with Tim and her new connection with Bricklin?


Helen Hardt said...

Susan does look incredible for 63, doesn't she? I say she should go for it!

Lizzie said...

She does and how good she looks for her age is what the tabs go on about. And she doesn't have that 'frozen' look so many boomer celebs do after getting work done. Could it be this gal is all natural? No wonder the younger men want to be with her!