April 7, 2010

Cougars are NOT Stiletto-Stalking Sugar Mamas...

Posted by Helen Hardt

So I was surfing the net looking for something to write about for this week's post when I came across a website -- www.cougarandthecub.com. It looks fairly new and is still undergoing construction in some areas, but what I saw so far I like! Run by a 44 year old woman named Dawn in New York, the site is a members-only club and will "provide a fresh and honest perspective to those who seriously want to explore this lifestyle." There's even a "Singles Mingles" page where cougar/cub events will be listed. Dawn is also working on a book about her experiences as a cougar.

Of course, I decided to contact Dawn to see if she might be willing to do an interview or a guest blog for us here at The Cougar Club. On the "Contact Us" page I found the two quotes that inspired today's post title:

"Cougars are NOT Stiletto-Stalking Sugar Mamas with BOTOX® & Boob-Jobs."

"Cubs are not Boy-Toys looking to 'Bag a Cougar', 'Bang a M.I.L.F.' or land a Sugar Mama."

Yes, those two sentences spoke to me more than anything else on the site, to be honest. Hollywood often depicts cougar/cub relationships otherwise. If you've read my Cougar Club story, The Cowboy and the Cougar, you know that Holly and Jack are nothing like the stereotypical cougar and cub. No fake boobs for Holly, and Jack could care less about banging a MILF. They are real people with real problems, just like real-life cougars and cubs.

I applaud Dawn for what she's doing with her book and her website, and I hope we'll see her here at The Cougar Club soon!


Kaye Manro said...

Well said, Helen! And you are so right-- love and relationships are nothing like the typical Hollywood Cougar/cub.

Lizzie said...

Excellent, Helen. Definitely hope you can get at least an interview.

Sarah Simas said...

Dawn's site sounds like a very fun find!! I hope you're able to lure her into an interview. It would be awesome to experience her voice. From the lines on the contact page, she looks to be a riot! :)