February 15, 2010

Hook Up Contest!!!

Posted by Sam Cheever

Hey Everybody, along with today's post, we're including a chance for 3 lucky winners to get a copy of one of the Cougar Club books! The contest is open only to members of the Challenge, including international members!

For a chance to win, you must leave a comment on The Cougar Blog stating that you want to be entered (no comment no entry) and feel free to share your favorite hook up scenario while you're at it! The books will be provided in ebook format so you must provide your email. The contest ends on the 19th (at Midnight) and winners will be contacted on the 20th.

Thanks for coming out to play with us Kitties, we have LOTS of fun in the sandbox!

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Kaye Manro said...

It's good to be entered in this contest! Great reading here!

Sam Cheever said...

Hiya Kaye! I'm glad you joined us.