February 17, 2010

Never too Old!

Posted by Lizzie

Yes, I'm back...exhausted, but back!

On a two week cruise you can get to know some interesting people and it's safe to say I did. The most interesting were the ladies seated at our table. Would you believe four ladies all in their eighties...that's right...all 80+. And let me tell you this group could roar!

One of them entered the talent contest for the passengers and came out number one. When the MC offered her the choice of the trophy or the young man (he was a hottie!) who escorted her on stage, she took his arm and said let's go. The MC stood there with his mouth open, holding the trophy before he finally managed to tell her come back for an exchange. The young good looking guys on the ship were in danger from this one. She had no qualms about pinching, hugging or smooching. When I asked if she was a Cougar, she looked at me and just grinned.

One of the other ladies...this one is 83 and still works because she loves her job...told me when she wanted a second child and her husband said no, she divorced him and played house with a younger man with whom she had the wanted child. No grass growing under this lady's feet.

The other two ladies were widows, but they know a good thing when they see it. One had to fan herself when she talked about a young Italian stud she met earlier that day.

Yep, these four are role models for the rest of us. Goes to show one never gets too old to ROAR. So get out there and let them hear you ladies!



Helen Hardt said...

Welcome back, Lizzie!

Lizzie said...

Thanks, Helen. Were you good while I was away?

Sweet Vernal Zephyr said...

I love to hear stories like that! Seems the older women I meet just don't let things hold them back any more... they get some zest from life!

Lizzie said...

Which is a great, Vernal. My goal is to have that zest when I get to that time of life!