February 15, 2010

The All Important Hook-Up!

Posted by Sam Cheever

This week’s post is focused on the hook-up between a Cougar and her Cub. The hook up, in books as well as in real life, is of vital importance. The following hook-ups are from the Cougar Club books. Enjoy!

Barely Legal
by Lizzie T. Leaf


Katherine is a classy older woman escaping her two-timing director husband by going to Vegas for a quickie divorce. Barhopping, she meets Corin and life is about to unexpectedly change. Will this cougar keep her cub, or will she send him running for a playmate his own age?


A gorgeous bare-chested, young man appeared across the table. "Can I get you something to drink?"

Who knew when Monique would make it back with their drinks and given the slow service, maybe it would be a good idea to order from this guy too. "Sure. How about a couple of pomegranate martinis?"

Knowing Monique didn’t care for flavored drinks, Katherine ordered them for sheer devilment. Screw it. Monique should have made it back sooner and if her friend didn’t want one, she’d drink both.

"No problem." He jotted down the order on a pad balanced on his tray and turned away. The Eye Candy turned out to be just as good from the back as the tight denim of his jeans emphasized his firm behind. She might be past her prime according to Rex, but she wasn’t dead and could appreciate a hot guy.

With each tick of the clock, the mob inside the club grew and by the time Katherine caught sight of Monique again, she was on the second martini. She polished it off as she watched her friend coming her way and thought, "Teach her to take so damned long. Not a heavy drinker, the vodka had started to produce a warm, light-headed glow in Katherine. Oh yeah, definitely getting a buzz here.

"Sorry it took me so long." Monique needed to wipe the feathers off her mouth because the cat had obviously eaten the canary. "Meet Blaine ." She tugged on the hand attached to hers and a young blond man stepped forward as he juggled two bottles of beer in the hand not entwined in Monique’s.

He was cute in a younger Rod Stewart sort of way, only with a better body, Blaine grinned. The gap in his teeth wasn’t exactly Monique’s style, but when her eyes dropped to the exposed chest, Katherine understood. Her friend had a thing for muscles and good old Blaine fit the criteria big time. She wouldn’t be surprised if there was a well defined six-pack under where the buttons still held his shirt together.

"And," Monique reached her other hand behind her and encouraged the man who brought up the rear to step forward, "this is Corin. I invited them to join us since they don’t have seats. It’s Corin’s birthday."

Great. Katherine almost groaned out loud. The thought of having to make small talk with a couple of Monique’s toys didn’t thrill her, even with an alcohol glow.

Corin wasn’t as muscular as Blaine , but still not bad, and his dark hair and eyes contrasted nicely with the blond Mr. America . Both were definitely in the running for Monique’s attention, Katherine decided. It might be fun to sit back and watch her play with the mice before she decided which one she wanted.

The dark-haired hottie held a martini in each hand and set them on the table, placing one in front of her and one close to Monique. Blaine slid one of the beers across to Corin, who somehow ended up beside her. Katherine studied the young man as he situated his long body in the booth and looked at her. What a baby! Monique really outdid herself with this guy. She seemed to going more toward the barely legal ones with each new conquest.

From the scowl on his face, Corin didn’t seem too happy about his party. "Happy birthday."

She raised her glass and clicked it against his beer bottle. At least he was twenty-one if he made it into this place, or he had a very good fake ID since the bouncers carded heavily at the door.

Oh well, not her problem. The only question for her was whether to attempt inane conversation about some stupid action movie, which of course would turn out to be one Rex produced, or spend the rest of the evening people watching. Of course, the way he clung to the edge of the booth, he acted like she had cooties and didn’t want to talk any way.


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The Cowboy and the Cougar
by Helen Hardt


A hot time with a gorgeous young cowboy is just what the doctor ordered for forty-year-old Holly Taylor. But after a night of amazing passion, she leaves discreetly. Life has other plans for her at the moment.

After the best sex of his life, single father Jack Sherwood isn’t ready to give up his mystery woman. When he runs into her several months later, he’s relentless in his pursuit, and he doesn’t care a whit about their eleven year age difference.

Holly’s life has taken a new course since her first meeting with Jack, and she’s convinced she’s not what he and his adorable son need. Can her new friends at The Cougar Club persuade her to stop running? Or will she lose the best thing to ever happen to her?


Her neck chilled, and she inhaled and gathered her courage. “You live around here, cowboy?”

“Not too far. You?”

Not too far. He hadn’t asked her name. He was wise to keep the conversation impersonal. No names. That would be best. No ages, either. If this young stud knew she’d just hit forty he’d no doubt run for cover.

“I don’t think I’m going home tonight,” she said. “I think I feel like a room. A suite maybe. A jacuzzi suite.”

The cowboy’s full lips curved into a grin and his fingers tensed on her forearm. “Are you asking for company?”

Holly’s heart fluttered, but she steadied herself despite the two martinis. She wasn’t drunk. It took more than two drinks to get her tipsy. All signals from the man said go. She hadn’t had sex in a while. Damn, had it been two years now?

She was forty. Forty and alone, with no one to hold her and comfort her as she cried about what was to come.

She didn’t have to be alone tonight.

Tonight, she could escape, albeit temporarily, and make love to a hot younger man. If he were willing, which he seemed to be.

She pushed her empty martini glass toward the bartender and then covered his hand which still warmed her arm. His hands were as beautifully formed as the rest of him, with long thick fingers that would feel really good in lots of places. The soft hair on his knuckles tickled her.

Why not get straight to the point? She met his dark gaze. “If I were asking for company, would you be up for it?”

He downed the rest of his Scotch and smiled. “Can’t think of a better way to spend the evening, sugar.”

Holly gulped. She was really going to do this. “Do you have protection?”

“I was a boy scout—" He leaned toward her, and his warm breath caressed her cheek. “—I’m always prepared.”


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How important is the initial Hook-up between the Cougar and her Cub?

The hook up is extremely important. Energy must sizzle between the hero and heroine. The reader needs to be in the moment, aware of everything the heroine is seeing, hearing, feeling. The attraction between the two should be immediate and apparent. In The Cowboy and the Cougar, Jack and Holly hook up for what Holly believes will be a one night stand. The attraction is powerful and absorbing for both of them, so much so that Jack can't forget her. This initial passion is especially important in cougar/cub relationships because it will keep the hero and heroine yearning for each other in the face of the inevitable cougar/cub obstacles.


What's not great about hooking up with a younger guy? Lol. Younger men often have more stamina and are very open to learning from the experience of a hot older woman. In a world where men hit their sexual peak in their early twenties and women in their late thirties/early forties, cougar/cub relationships are sure to thrive!

Namaste, My Love
by Sam Cheever


Attractive divorcee, Felicia Jeffries is turning 45 years old and her friends have dragged her to a male strip club to celebrate. She never guessed she’d find herself up on stage, dirty dancing with a sexy young dancer. Or that her body would scream for another chance to wrap itself around him.

Classy and shy, the last thing Felicia wants is to sit in a crowded bar with a bunch of drunk women, stuffing twenty dollar bills down the thongs of sexy young men on stage. The last thing she expects is to find herself incredibly drawn to one of those sexy young men. And the last thing she needs is to deal with the consequences.

But deal she will. Because the alternative is unthinkable...losing the heart and body of Bris Holcomb, uber-sexy exotic dancer, popular yoga instructor, and the man who’s grabbed her heart and won’t let go.


Suddenly a large, square hand appeared in front of her face.

The crowd went crazy. They screamed and started chanting again. At first Felicia couldn’t hear what they were saying, but soon she realized they were chanting, “Go for it!”

She shook her head, her eyes lowered to her feet, but Sis wasn’t gonna let her get away with that. She grabbed Felicia’s arm and pulled her out of her chair. Before Felicia knew what was happening the hunk on the stage had grabbed her hand and she was flying upward, onto the stage with him.

She hit his broad, naked chest with an undignified “umph!” and felt the jolt to her system through her whole body.

The first thing she noticed was his scent. It was unlike anything she’d ever experienced. He was all warm musk overlaid by clean sweat and something that she couldn’t quite identify which reminded her of hot sex.

The next thing she noticed was the smooth warmth of his naked chest. His well formed pecs were right in front of her nose, a small triangle of dark gold hairs nestled between them.

He wrapped his arms around her waist, and pulled her body into his, swaying to the decadent pulse of the music. Felicia held herself stiffly in his arms at first, but the combination of hot, sexy man and the throbbing beat of the music quickly overcame her natural resistance and she felt her muscles softening and molding to his.

She closed her eyes and swayed with him, feeling every hard line of his long body against hers. His hands slid over her back and shoulders, soothing, caressing, until her muscles felt like the softest butter under his fingers.

Felicia realized suddenly that her hands were moving over his body. She slid them across his narrow waist, up his sides, and then drew her fingertips across his broad chest, past the strong shoulders and thick neck, to a square jawed face with just the hint of dark gold stubble across it.

The room erupted as he lowered his head and laid his lips over her throat.

Felicia gasped at the moist heat of his mouth resting on the pulse at her throat and threw her head back. His tongue slipped out between his teeth and he licked her.

Feeling as if she’d been drugged, Felicia pressed herself against the hard thigh between her legs, humping it shamelessly as she felt her body climbing, incredibly, toward release.

His tongue was replaced with the sharp points of his teeth. He bit her, gently, and then followed the tiny nip with a swipe of his hot tongue.

The room fell away. Felicia was aware of the music and the room full of friends and strangers only as a dull throb at the back of her consciousness. It disappeared under the all encompassing aura of the man in her arms.

His was a sensual sphere, filled with promises and forbidden delights. And Felicia suddenly realized she wanted it all.


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Given the fact that most women tend to devalue themselves, particularly as we age, and many of us find it hard to believe a younger man would be interested in us as sexual partners, how a potential Cougar hooks up with her Cub is the most important thing. Given enough time to rationalize, many of us will talk ourselves out of the whole thing and walk away. In many cases, when a hook up happens, it’s by accident. A case of being in the right place at the right time.

For example, in the excerpt for Namaste, My Love, Felicia Jeffries is dragged to a male strip club by a bunch of her fun loving friends for her 45th birthday. After a lifetime of doing the right thing, being the good wife, the good mother, and the responsible citizen, Felicia Jeffries would seem to have been the last person on earth who would step outside society’s norms and find love with a younger man. But as you can see from the excerpt, the decision was really taken out of Felicia’s hands. After what she experienced here, there was only one direction to go with Bris Holcomb…to the nearest flat surface!


You don’t need to worry about mixing up your pill box with his and accidently taking his Viagra instead of your estrogen pill! I’m just sayin’…


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I'm a member of the Erotic Romance Reading Challenge hosted over at Erotic Horizon

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