February 10, 2010

Cubs on the Prowl!

Posted by Sam Cheever

Time to dish ladies! Grab a glass of your favorite beverage, a box of decadent, creamy chocolates, and your best pair of snuggly slippers and settle down somewhere warm and comfy to chat. ‘Cause this week’s dish is best served fireside hotttt!

I want to talk about Cubs on the prowl.

Popular culture, in the form of television and movies, provides no shortage of Cougar stereotypes where the Cougar in question is predatory and aggressive, stalking her young lovers with fierce determination. And, no doubt, those confident and constantly on the prowl felines do exist. But missing from this stereotype is consideration of the male of the species and his desire to get caught. Because the woman in a Cougar relationship is the more mature partner, the assumption is made that she initiates contact. Do I need to remind you what happens when you assume? #:0)

I have a friend whose 20 year old son is a hottie. She was in an electronics store with him one day and overheard two women about her age talking about how yummy he was. Thinking she would shock him, she ran around to the next aisle and whispered to him that he was being checked out. His response? “Cool it mom, you’re ruining my image!” You see, he was fully aware of being checked out by the two women, and he was playing it up a bit for their benefit. My friend later learned that it wasn’t the first time he’d connected with an older woman, and he wasn’t at all confused about what to do with the connection! He was a Cub on the prowl and he was happy about it.

I spoke with a woman last week who’d been getting pursued pretty aggressively by a much younger man on a singles loop. She’d done her best to push him off, but he was determined to catch her interest, even to the point of sending her a picture of himself. He knew she was older, but he was okay with it. He was more than okay with it, in fact, he was actively pursuing a relationship with her.

None of this is too surprising if you take into account the basic emotional make up of your average guy. Though they’ve become uber-domesticated, men have historically been warriors, used to going after what they want and need. And, if we’ve learned anything about men, it’s that they want women, they like women, and they NEED women.

So despite the tired, old cliques we get from Hollywood of older women stalking innocent, unsuspecting younger men, we know the truth. The dance between the male and the female of the species remains pretty much unchanged, no matter the ages of the dancers. But one thing is becoming increasingly clear, younger guys are recognizing the flash and fire still lurking in society’s more mature kitties, and the kitties? Well, we still like the feel of a broad, muscular chest beneath our fingers. Besides, why should the younger set get to keep all that yummy testosterone to themselves? We know much better what to do with it.

I’ll leave you with this thought, the next time you’re in a situation where a Cub decides to give chase, act like a heroin in one of those bad Hollywood movies…run really slow and, if necessary, stumble and fall. We don’t want the poor thing to have to work too hard to catch you! hehehe


Kaye Manro said...

This is a great post, Sam. Intersting view on cubs too.

One time I caught the attention of the cutest cub hunk at a coffee house. Eye contact and shy flirting is all that happened. But he became the hero in a story I was writing. What an inspiration! I can picture him in every detail!

Sam Cheever said...

Hey Kaye!

Thanks for joining us! Nothing wrong with flirting...flirting makes the world go round...hehehe And he gave you a hero...what more could you ask? Wait...don't answer that. Har!

Helen Hardt said...

Great post, Sam! The whole cougar/cub thing makes sense, sexually speaking. It's a known fact that a man is at his sexual peak in his early twenties, while a woman hits hers in her late thirties/early forties. So why not take advantage? And you're right, we cougars know what to do with all that yummy testosterone! Forty year old women are looking better than ever these days. I keep hearing that forty is the new twenty!