May 5, 2010


Posted by Helen Hardt

We're back! We had a great time at RT. I haven't gotten my photos off the camera yet, and I'm working against two deadlines this week, so for my post this week I thought I'd treat all you readers and writers out there to three of my favorite cubs. They are delectable... Enjoy!

Caco Ricci, age 31, and the inspiration for Jack in The Cowboy and the Cougar.

Emmanuel Delcour, age 29, glorious and French, and fresh from Bravo's Chef Academy. In the market for a private chef? Inspiration for Blaise in Passion in Paris.

Miguel Angel Silvestre, the baby of the bunch at age 27. Red wine, anyone? Maybe the inspiration for my next Cougar story... Proposal is coming, Celina!


Amber Skyze said...

I want cubs! Thanks for the hotties. Good luck with the deadlines.

Kaye Manro said...

Great hotties, Helen! I don't know where I'd rather be right now-- at Helen's Heroes or here. ;)

Lizzie said...

Good choices, Helen!