May 12, 2010

Cougars Prowl the RT Convention!

Posted by Sam Cheever

Nothing is quite so rife with urban legend as a conference. When you think of a conference, for any line of work, you think of wild nights in bars, tête à tête amoureux in deserted meeting rooms, and scandals galore. Conferences are a time for setting aside reality and wallowing, for a time, in possibilities. This is especially true for the Cougar.

Late night drinking in the bars is always conducive to hooking up, especially when embraced in the anonymity of a hotel, hours from home, habit, and responsibility. At a romance convention all the usual rules go out the window. Age doesn't matter, background is unimportant, it doesn't matter if you share any interests, other than those of the moment. And when you pull together hundreds of healthy, older women who make a living writing about relationships and S.E.X...and add a bunch of hot, nubile, young cover model studs trying to woo and charm them in an effort to win the Mr. Romance title...well...I think you get where I'm going with that! And, let's face it, at a romance's all just considered research anyway! hehehe

So get on out there and prowl ladies, conference season is just heating up. You have months of good hunting ahead before the Winter snows slow you down! Plenty of time to catch a sexy cub to snuggle in front of a fire with when it gets too cold to prowl anymore. #:0)

Happy hunting ladies!