April 22, 2010

Another Cougar Club release set for this week

Posted by Lizzie

I'm delighted to share that Butterfly Kisses is scheduled to release tomorrow at Aspen Mountain Press. The story centers around Susan, an artist who falls for her Tony, son's friend...and boss, and the issues their attaction to each creates for all concerned.
Question for readers: If your son brought home one of his hunky friends and you were attracted to him, would you act on that attraction?

Tony Roberts is a Wyoming cowboy who’s also the head of a successful New York law firm. And he has a secret: he’s had a crush on his favorite artist for years. When he finally meets Susan, his fantasy becomes reality. Problem is, she’s also the mother of one of his employees Scott Clarke--who’s also a good friend.

Susan Mayrah Clarke’s life has been fine without a man, so she’s unprepared for the sudden attraction to Tony when her son brings him home for Thanksgiving. Why did Scott have to bring home a cowboy that makes her wish she were twenty years younger? Unsure of what to do, Susan turns to the ladies of the Cougar Club group for advice.

Susan and Tony can’t resist the physical force that brings them together. Will the difference in their ages ruin their chance at love?