January 27, 2010

If Celebs Can Appreciate, So Can We!

Posted by Lizzie

Demi Moore does, it. So does Madonna. Jen Aniston did. And Courtney Cox received a Golden Globe nomination for television series that celebrates it. IT being the celebration of women who appreciate younger men and vice-versa.

Celebrities have made the gossip sheets for years with the OW/YM connection and what society once frowned upon, is now more accepted. There are still those who raise their eyebrows, but let them. They are also probably the ones who don’t recognize that age is irrelevant on many levels. In today’s world you have actresses in their forties and beyond, in demand for staring roles, where once they were allocated to bit parts when they hit around the BIG 40.

This blog is dedicated to women who appreciate the relationship that develops between a man and woman, through stories of couples connecting without the limitation of their age differences.

So, let’s celebrate the advent of what has been society’s dirty little secret far too long Cougars, let us hear you roar.

Enjoy this short excerpt from Barely Legal, the kick off book for the Cougar Club series.

Katherine Holland’s decision to file for divorce in Las Vegas results in more than she expected. Spending time with her Cougar friend Monique, she is introduced to the world of younger men and is amazed to discover, she enjoys it. Here she connects with Corin, the younger man who has discovered his attraction to an older woman.

A flash of fear briefly appeared in Katherine’s eyes and then her chest expanded as she took a deep breath. “Don’t go. I’d like you to stay…if you want to, that is.”

“Yes.” The raspy manner in which the simple word came out spoke volumes in his mind. The realization of how much he wanted to stay caught him off guard. He liked her, but until her tentative invitation, he hadn’t realized how much.
He placed his glass on the top of the bar and stepped forward. Standing inches from Katherine, he reached out and wiped a dab of chocolate from the corner of her mouth and placed it against his lips for a second before he licked the rich sweetness from his fingertip. The fear he’d noticed earlier again darted briefly across her face, replaced with what could be longing.
His gaze focused on her full mouth. Did her lips feel as soft as they looked? There was only one way to find out. Corin reached out and slipped a hand behind her neck and pulled her head toward him. Soft, rose petal lips caressed his and the tip of her tongue darted across his. He deepened the kiss and delighted in the taste of strawberries, chocolate and champagne in her mouth as he explored every inch with a zest he hadn’t experienced in a long time.


Sloane Taylor said...

Lizzie, you've convinced me not only to read the Cougar series, but become on! Great excerpt.

Helen Hardt said...

Great post, Lizzie. Rock on, cougars!

Lizzie said...

Thanks, Ladies!

Sloane, I knew you'd see the light if I kept working on you...grin.